Sunday, January 3, 2010

from Rahman

          Today being January 3rd is one of the most important date in my calendar as it is my wife's birthday.
She means everything in life for me.
Frankly wouldn't believe this......." in one word I am handicapped in her absence."
Well  now you must be wondering that what did I do for her birthday. Frankly nothing great this year.
We both went out last night for dinner accompanying us was one of our close friends Mrs. and Mr.Shekar. Venue "Ten downing Street in Chennai".
But my wife was not very keen of the idea of going out and spending as we were in the midst of shifting to our new residence so I didn't plan any great party nor I couldn't buy any expensive gifts, as she also warned me not to in the middle of shifting crises.
Man its tough when you have to shift houses. packing, loading unpacking 'O' god. to make it more worse I will be leaving for shoot in two days out of station and will be away for a month . So that makes my wife all alone, without any male support from family as none of our  relations are here at the moment. So I am worried now. though I will be at shoot but my mind and soul will be at Chennai.
Meanwhile my kids schools are starting from Monday that's  tomorrow so that makes it a double burden for my wife. Sad isn't it. But not to worry she is a tough lady and can handle it very efficiently.
Well that's about it for today .
love Rahman........
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